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Devoted to the research of the social, cultural, economic and political impact of advanced communication and information technologies in the Middle East and in the "Middle East" overseas. The growth of the Internet, direct satellite broadcasting, cellular and other telecommunications systems calls for ongoing analysis of the changing communication and information cultures in the Arab world and the influences conveyed by these new technologies.

An international association of more than 3,300 journalism and mass communication faculty, students, administrators, and professionals. AEJMC's members come from more than 30 countries, with the majority working in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1912, AEJMC is the oldest and largest association of journalism and mass communication educators and administrators at the college level.
Formed in 1950 to bring together academics and other professionals whose interest is focused on human communication. The Association maintains an active membership of 3,400 individuals of which two-thirds are teaching and conducting research in colleges, universities and schools around the world. Other members are in government, the media, communication technology, business law, medicine and other professions. ICA promotes the systematic study of communication theories, processes and skills. The Broadcast Education Association is the professional association for professors, industry professionals, and graduate students who are interested in teaching and research related to electronic media and multimedia enterprises. The purpose of the International Division of the BEA is to provide a forum for research and discussions on international communication and to encourage the international exchange of faculty and students for purposes of research, teaching and consulting.
A worldwide community of scientific experts in the field of communications. It is also one of the largest international professional organizations in terms of communication research. IAMCR aims to provide a forum where researchers, practitioners, and policy makers in the communication field can meet and discuss their work and to encourage interest in international communication research. One of England's leading centers for research and teaching in media and communication. Supports and encourages a variety of research studies that help contribute to the greater understanding of the major media and communications issues of today and the role of modern media in society.

One of the largest media and development consultancies operating in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, Jemstone provides training on media management, web-publishing, and television journalism and production. This is done through their individually designed media training and development packages and their senior-level workshops and seminars for all branches of the media.

Is interested in the global media and the challenges faced by journalists around the world as they strive to report the news completely and fairly. Through its International Division, The Freedom Forum monitors and examines issues on all continents and organizes international forums on global media issues. They also examine media ownership trends and their effects on news, as well as the implications of changing communications technology on news and news gathering.
Primary mission is the development of professional relationships and educational exchanges among Arab and American university faculty and media professionals. The organization encourages members to engage in collaborative research projects, faculty and student exchanges, and international forums for discussing ideas on curriculum development and technology transfer. They sponsor an annual international communication conference that focuses on scholarly research topics on media, culture, technology, and society. World Communication Association
The purpose of the WCA is to ensure and support research, teaching and practice of communication in all forms and circumstances. They are also interested in maintaining a special appreciation for peace and understanding through reasoned communication in international and intercultural environments. WCA promotes public understanding and support of academic inquiry and training in communication for these ends in all schools, colleges, and appropriate private institutions.


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