Issues and Developments

Audiences and Attitudes

Transnational Television and the Arab Diaspora in the United States: Abeer Etefa investigates what Arab-Americans watch.

Who Is Al Jazeera's Audience? Philip Auter, Mohamed M. Arafa, and Khaled Al-Jaber deconstruct the demographics and psychographics of an Arab satellite news network.

Trojan Horse? On the Arab Media as a Portal for Western Goods and Values: Jihad Fakhreddine looks at the advertising on Arab satellite channels.

"Operation Iraqi Freedom" or "Invasion of Iraq"? Injy Galal, Amy Mowafi, and Lama al-Hammouri report on the interpretations of CNN and Al Jazeera coverage of the 2003 Iraq War as reflected in Egyptian discussion groups.

Satellite World

Nile Nilesat: Current Challenges and Future Trends: Hussein Amin reports on a recent study to identify the current status of the region's oldest satellite platform.

Attitudes of Palestinian-Israelis to Arab Satellite TV: Mustafa Kabha surveys the past and present of Palestinian-Israeli viewing habits.

Arab and European Satellites over the Maghrib: Ahmed Bedjaoui recounts the history of satellite broadcasting in Arab North Africa and surveys its current state.

The Warlords' New Weapon: Ahmed Muaffaq Zaidan, AL Jazeera's Pakistan bureau chief, reports on the phenomenon of ethnic TV in Afghanistan.

Iraqi Kurdish Satellite Channels have sprung up to advance to the Kurdish cause and assert Kurdish identity, in Iraq and elsewhere. Shirzad Sheikhani reported for Asharq Al-Awsat.

Arabic News Broadcast: Rasha El-Ibiary reports on the planned launching of a new Arabic-language channel out of London aimed at the Iraqi market.

The World of Entertainment

Showtime and ART Target Lebanon Sat-pirates: Chris Forrester describes the massive piracy of intellectual property rights in Lebanon and how two leading TV entertainment channels are trying to stop it.

Rude Awakening-Dream Drops Top Talkers: Dream TV, Egypt's only private channel, gained an early reputation for daring talk shows, and lost it fast. Ahmed Osman talked to some to the main players.

Globalization Stressed at FICCI Frames India 2004: Janet Fine reports on India's largest entertainment media meeting.

Book Excerpt: "Global Media Goes to War"

"Global Media Go to War": TBS excerpts chapters by Muhammad Ayish, Catherine Cassara and Laura Lengel, and Ibrahim Al-Marashi from a soon to be published collection of essays and studies of media coverage of the 2003 Iraq War, with original introduction by editor Ralph D. Berenger and a list of journalists who died during the conflict.

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