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Transnational Broadcasting Studies grew out of a perceived need for a publication dealing specifically with questions of broadcasting that transcends borders. We are interested in examining the cultural, political, social, and economic implications, and technological developments, of transnational broadcasting.

Ever-increasing convergence means that transnational broadcasting is not a limited field of study but the wave of the future. With the convergence of satellite, Internet, and wireless telephony, national broadcasters employing these technologies—even if they remain interested only in their own national audiences—are by definition transnational broadcasters.

TBS is published by the Adham Center for Television Journalism at the American University in Cairo, which supports a one-year intensive diploma program training students to be video journalists capable of producing their own stories from beginning to end: filming, video editing on two-machine and digital non-linear systems, scriptwriting, and interviewing and other on-camera work.

The journal is supported by an editorial advisory board consisting of both mass communications scholars and professionals in the field from around the world. Our correspondents and contributors, drawn from around the Arab and Islamic worlds, draw on a wealth of specialities and experience that bring valuable depth and focus to the journal. Call for papers.

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