Call for Papers

Transnational Broadcasting Studies, an electronic journal published by the Adham Center for Television Journalism at the American University in Cairo, invites submissions to be considered for publication.

Transnational broadcasting is by no means limited to the study of the physical means of transmission, such as satellite technology; it is a multidisciplinary field in which politics, economics, history, sociology, and multicultural studies come into play. Its development is accompanied by a myriad of issues of regulation and control, censorship, cross-cultural influences, and cultural and national values and priorities that also require examination. The editors welcome submissions that touch on any of these aspects of the field, in the following forms:

Papers: TBS publishes both peer-reviewed and non-reviewed papers, plus essays and news articles. Peer-reviewed articles considered for publication are subject to blind review by a three-member panel.

Documents, Research in Brief, and Research in Progress: These sections are designed to broaden the scope of the journal to include industry reports and research, quantitative studies, field trials, industry forecasts, profiles, and other works that are critical for anyone undertaking a serious study of transnational broadcasting and developing an understanding of this field. Publishing research in progress and research in brief, including abstracts, allows the journal to stay current with work being done in a constantly changing field.

Conference Reports: TBS publishes reports on academic conferences, trade shows, and other events related to transnational broadcasting through a global network of conference correspondents.

Reviews: Please see book page for more information.

TBS also welcomes calendar items and news items. Also, please contact the managing editor at the address below if you are interested in taking part in a Virtual Symposium discussion.

All submissions must include: 1) Article title, author name(s) and affiliations; 2) address, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail address of author(s), and 3) a brief (3-5 sentence) author profile. In the case of articles to be reviewed, indication of authorship should be restricted to a title page. TBS will incorporate photos and graphics, video, or audio when appropriate; please discuss this option with the managing editor if you feel it is applicable to your submission. TBS reserves the right to make stylistic, non-substantive changes in manuscripts; any substantive changes will be reviewed with the author before they are carried out.

Please direct submissions and queries to:

Humphrey Davies
TBS Managing Editor
The Adham Center for Television Journalism
The American University in Cairo
113 Kasr el Aini St. Box 2511
11511 Cairo, Egypt
Tel: (20-2) 797-5422/3/4
Fax: (20-2) 795-7565

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