No. 10, Spring/Summer 2003
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Issues and Developments

Bella Thomas

Cliff Nelson, Showtime's senior vice president - marketing with the logos of the new "time shift convinience" channels

NewsXchange Ljubljana Panellists

What the World's Poor Watch on TV: Bella Thomas questions some of the myths of "cultural hegemony" in transnational broadcasting.

Could SatMode Be Satellite's "Killer App?": Chris Forrester reports on an ultra-low cost two-way satellite modem and interactive LNB that will be on the market soon.

New Moves for Showtime: Monal Zeidan reports on Showtime's move to Dubai, as well as some new services.

New Media Realities in the Middle East: continuing its presentation of November's NewsXchange discussions in Ljubljana, TBS publishes a transcription of the panel on reporting in a conflict where language is a weapon, "a camera is as dangerous as a gun" (Shimon Peres), and journalists are targets.

News World Dublin - Countdown to Conflict: TBS publishes a transcription of a timely panel discussion on censorship, media management, and journalistic integrity under conditions of war.

News World-the Next Generation: Patrick Stoddart describes News World's training of young journalists from around the world in Dublin in 2002 and looks forward to building on this experiment.

Globalization of Indian Satellite TV Marks 25 Years: Janet Fine charts the rise of transnational broadcasting in India and the "crisis of change."

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