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The following books have been published recently and will be reviewed in next issue of TBS.

The Troubles of Journalism: A Critical Look at What’s Right and Wrong with the Press by William A. Hachten (Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum Associates, 2005. 3rd Ed., Paperback. 186 pages. ISBN 0-8058-5167-4. $26. A follow-up to the previous edition, written before September 11, this book considers the critiques of journalism and evaluates the changes that have taken place, including the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and the increasing importance of the Internet for news research and dissemination.

Global Entertainment Media: Content, Audiences, Issues by Anne-Cooper Chen (Ed). (Mahwah, N: Erlbaum Associates, 2005. Paperback. 280 pages. ISBN 0-8058-5169-0. $29.95. A collection of chapters about what the whole world is watching. Includes chapter on Egyptian entertainment media.

Ad Hoc Arabism: Advertising, Culture and Technology in Saudi Arabia by Roni Zirinski. (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2005 Paperback. ISBN 0-8204-7445-2.$24.95. Zirinski’s book is an important first look at consumerism and advertising in Saudi Arabia that goes beyond the media hype and glitter to discern marketing strategies of global advertising in the cultural market of the Middle East.

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